Local Marketing Promotional Products

Need a New Angle on Local Marketing or a Unique Customer Gift That Generates Referrals Over and Over Again?

The most successful marketing ideas are always “out of the box”. Why not target your local marketing using one of our high quality water resistant battery assortment boxes?

With the box branded specifically to your business, every time someone needs a battery, they will be reminded of you. Our branded assortment packs are not only a unique local marketing product, but, make great realtor closing gifts.

Our assortment packs combine the batteries we all use most in a high quality water resistant box designed to fit neatly in any drawer. These aren’t cheap underperforming batteries made good enough for giveaways. All our batteries are independently validated to perform equal to or better than Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac and carry a 10-year shelf life guarantee.

Studies have shown that a consumer needs to be exposed to your brand at least 7 times over an extended period of time before it becomes ingrained into that individuals mind. That’s why companies run TV commercials over and over again.  It’s also why they spend so much money on product packaging. If you can provide a needed benefit each time customers and potential customers see your brand, the impression is that much stronger.

Local marketing mailers, flyers, newsletters, refrigerator magnets, cozies, notepads, calendars, etc. often  get thrown away or ignored.  Your customers and potential customers will be reminded of you over and over again while they appreciate not having to trek to the store to pay exorbitant prices for batteries.

Result… more repeat business and more referrals!

If you’re a realtor, title company, insurance agent, law practice or small business of any kind, take your local marketing to the next level!

Promotional Assortment Pack

  • 8-AA, 8-AAA, 4– 9v, 4-C, 4-D

All the batteries your customers or potential customers will need to power their TV remotes, game controllers, clocks, smoke detectors, electronic candles of at least 6 months.

  • 10 branded assortment packs for $28.00 an assortment branded to your business
  • High quality water resistant box that fits neatly in any drawer
  • Even when the batteries are used up, your customers and potential customers will continue to use the branded box
  • Lasts longer than Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac
  • Design your label yourself using our simple design editor or we will design it for you