Long Lasting, Top Quality Batteries at a Very Affordable Price

We at CGMG offer our Lucas Branded batteries with a simple premise. Offer the alkaline batteries you want; with quality and long lasting performance comparable to or better than other brands; at a very affordable price. It really is that simple!

How do we do it?

Alkaline batteries are currently priced in two major tiers. Major brands are priced at the top end with lower quality private label priced at the lower end. We offer a high quality product with a 10 year guaranteed shelf life at a very competitive price.

Our 50 years of combined experience buying and managing quality allows us to keep our overhead low and focus our capital and resources on only the highest quality materials and state of the art manufacturing. We are able to price our Lucas Brand to you at a cost that makes sense.

Quality is key.

We take a three step approach to quality. First, we only allow the finest materials in our product. The key to a high quality-long lasting alkaline battery is the purity of the electrolyte and the quality of the metals used. Second, we utilize state of the art manufacturing processes to ensure that external seams and internal seals in our final product are as tight and strong as possible. Finally, we individually batch test each manufacturing run to ensure that the quality and performance of our Lucas Brand is equal to or better than other major brands.

Trust Lucas.